Our number one goal at OlympicaGymnastics Academy is making children feel like champions. Through our exciting programs of gymnastics instruction and other uniquely challenging physical activities, OlympicaGymnastics Academy promotes the development of self-discipline, self-control, and confidence in a fun and dynamic atmosphere.
Student progress is monitored on an individual basis rather than as a group to ensure that each gymnast moves through the levels at his or her own pace. Each level has a set of skills for each event that the students must be able to perform before moving on to the next level.

Photo of TotsTots
• parent participation class
• boys and girls ages 18 months to 2 years
• classes are 45 minutes in length
• student/teacher ratio 10:1

Photo of Mighty MitesMighty Mites
• boys and girls ages 3 and 4
• classes are 1 hour in length
• student/teacher ratio 6:1

Photo of Junior AcademyJunior Academy
JA Yellow (I) / JA Green (I) / JA Blue (II)
• ages 5 and 6
• classes are 1 hour in length
• student/teacher ratio 7:1
• level placement based on individual skill level

Photo of Invitation ClassesInvitation Classes
Hot Shots
• ages 5 - 7 (by invitation only)
• classes meet 3 hours per week
• student/teacher ratio 8:1
• level placement based on individual skill level

All -Stars
• ages 5 - 8 (by invitation only)
• classes meet 6 hours per week
• student/teacher ratio 8:1
• level placement based on individual skill level

Photo of Academy GirlsAcademy Girls
• ages 7 and older
• classes are 1 1/2 hours in length
• level placement based on individual skill evaluation
• student/teacher ratio 8:1

Photo of Junior BoysJunior Boys

Junior Boys
• ages 5-7
• classes are 1 hour in length
• student/teacher ratio 7:1

Photo of G.Y.M. TeamG.Y.M. Team
The G.Y.M. Team is a unique competitive team at Olympica Gymnastics Academy. Girls who are Level 3 or 4 are eligible to enroll in the G.Y.M. Team and compete to achieve the highest overall team score at each meet, as opposed to an individual score. Because of this, the coach is able to focus on and develop each girl's strengths and talents on her favorite events!

The G.Y.M. Team has two age group options: one for girls ages 7-10 and the other for girls over the age of 10. Each group practices twice per week with each session lasting 2.5 hours. G.Y.M team has two competition months per year preceded by a five month training period.

Photo of USAG Competitive TeamsUSAG Competitive Teams
Womens Levels 3-5 Compulsory and Levels 6-10 Optionals.
Gymnasts who have reached the necessary skill level will have the chance to participate in our competitive program. Our teams compete against other gyms both locally and out of state. Over the years we have qualified many girls to the national level.

Photo of Tumbling InstructionTumbling Instruction
Beginning / Intermediate / Advanced Tumbling
• ages 11 and older
• all tumbling classes are 1 hour in length and are offered in the evenings only
• students will learn the fundamentals of gymnastics tumbling, such as cartwheels, round-offs,back walkovers, back handsprings and tucks

***to qualify for the advanced class, you MUST be able to do a round-off back handspring

Photo of Big Fun GymnasticsBig Fun Gymnastics
BIG FUN is the ultimate playground for special needs children of all ages. Exclusively at OGA, our partner offers families throughout South Orange County a fantastic recreational gymnastics program promoting the integration of children with disabilities into all aspects of life – family, school, and community – through recreational activities, including those for autistic children and social skills training for autism. Coaches build personal, nurturing bonds with their students, which allow the children to excel far beyond their limits.

Photo of RecitalsRecitals
Recitals are for students attending 1 hour and 1 & 1/2 hour classes. Girls and boys will have the opportunity to showcase their skills for family and friends. Our older students are taught routines for the performances during regular class time. These shows are filled with "Kodak Moments", so bring your camera! Each child receives an award and certificate during the show as a reward for their achievements.
**There is a fee for each participant.

Photo of Day Camps & Junior Day CampsDay Camps & Junior Day Camps
 Our exciting recreational gymnastic camps provide children with a safe and fun environment to experience gymnastics, athletic games, arts and crafts, music, and plenty of smiles and laughter. Our camps are run by our qualified coaches and staff.

Photo of SleepoversSleepovers
Kids get the ULTIMATE sleepover party at O.G.A.! Why surrender the house for the night? Leave it to the professionals and give your kids and their friends a slumber party they'll never forget with fun, games, fort-building and supervised play time in the gym! Sleepover sign-ups are open to non-members as well, ages 7 to 13. We supply a pizza dinner, snacks and a light breakfast. Kids bring a sleeping bag, pillow, and pajamas.

Photo of ParentsParents' Night Out
Our "Parents' Night Out" parties are held on select Saturdays and also concurrently with each Sleepover party. Kids enjoy fun, gymnastics activities and supervised free play while Mom and Dad enjoy a night on the town or even simply a quiet evening at home! A small snack is provided for free to all children. Pick up for Parent's Night Out is promptly at 9:00pm.

Photo of Pay Pay 'n' Play
Need extra time to burn off some energy? "Pay 'n' Play" is a great opportunity for some extra (supervised) time on equipment to work on skills and have a ton of fun! Children must be supervised by a parent.

Ages: 1* - 5 years old
*1 - 5 years old MUST be with a parent!

Monday at 9:00 A.M.

Monthly Tuition & Fees

Class fees below are based on four (4) classes per month. If there are three (3) or five (5) class meetings in a month, your tuition will be adjusted accordingly.

 One Child   45 min x 4 Classes   $59.00 
 Sibling discount   45 min x 4 Classes   $50.16 

Mighty Mites / Jr. Academy
 One Child   1 hr x 4 Classes   $83.00 
 Sibling discount   1 hr x 4 Classes   $70.56 

Tumbling Classes
 One Child   1 hr x 4 Classes   $83.00 
 Sibling discount   1 hr x 4 Classes   $70.56 

Junior Boys
 One Child   1 hr x 4 Classes   $83.00 
 Sibling Discount   1 hr x 4 Classes   $70.56 

Academy Girls and Boys
 One Child   1 hr 30 min x 4 Classes   $110.00 
 Sibling Discount   1 hr 30 min x 4 Classes   $93.52 

Day Camps
 full day / (member)   8:30 -3:00   $50.00 
 half day / (member)   8:30-11:30 / 12:00-3:00   $35.00 
 full week / full day (member)   8:30 - 3:00   $199.00 
 full week / half days (member)   8:30-11:30 / 12:00-3:00   $139.00 
 half day / sibling (member)   8:30-11:30 / 12:00-3:00   $30.00 
 full day / sibling (member)   8:30 - 3:00   $45.00 
 full week - full days / sib. (member)   8:30-3:00   $165.00 
 full week-half day / sib. (member)   8:30-11:30 / 12:00-3:00   $119.00 
 half day / (non-member)   8:30-11:30 / 12:00-3:00   $40.00 
 half day / sib. (non-member)   8:30-11:30 / 12:00-3:00   $35.00 
 full day / (non-member)   8:30 - 3:00   $55.00 
 full day / sibling (non-member)   8:30 - 3:00   $50.00 
 full week - half day / (non-member)   8:30-11:30 / 12:00-3:00   $149.00 
 full week-half day / sib. (non-member)   8:30-11:30 / 12:00-3:00   $129.00 
 full week - full day / (non-member)   8:30 - 3:00   $209.00 
 full week-full day/ sib.(non-member)   8:30 - 3:00   $175.00 

 member   1 hr   $10.00 
 member sibling   1 hr   $8.00 
 non-member   1 hr   $10.00 
 non-member sibling   1 hr   $8.00 

  • There is a $40.00 Annual Registration Fee (per child).
  • Class fees are based on four (4) classes per month. If there are three (3) or five (5) class meetings in a month, your tuition will be adjusted accordingly.
  • Please call for a Complimentary Lesson! (949) 582-3329