Intro & Recreational Gymnastics

Olympica offers a wide variety of educational programs to introduce children of all ages to the sport of gymnastics, and helps them progress at an optimal pace.

Accelerated & Advanced Gymnastics

New and intermediate gymnasts will love Olympica’s accelerated programs that hone a variety of skills for competitive gymnastics and other activities.

Junior Olympic Team Gymnastics

Olympica gymnasts have garnered hundreds of State and Regional Champion titles and have been featured regularly in the OC Register for their achievements.

About Our Gym

Family owned, operated & oriented since 1992, Olympica Gymnastics is one of the longest standing youth sports programs in all of South Orange County, celebrating 25 years in 2017. Our convenient location, visible from the 5 freeway and minutes from the 73, was carefully selected in 2002 to be the most accessible gym to the majority of families in South Orange County. Our fully air conditioned, 16,000 square-foot facility incorporates the most modern in safety equipment, including bungee harnesses, European-designed landing pits, and state-of-the-art apparatus & learning tools. The gym was designed and built from the foundation up to safely accommodate children of all ages and levels and to provide an exciting learning experience for kids that mom and dad can easily observe from our viewing balcony or feel confidence and comfort in when dropping off their kids on busier days.

Benefits of Gymnastics


The sport of gymnastics is responsible for developing some of the strongest and most agile athletes in the world, men and women alike, which is why seasoned athletes and coaches use so many elements of our sport to grow stronger in their own, and why modern strength training and fitness is evolving to resemble gymnastics more and more.


Too many athletes overlook the importance of flexibility in relation to their particular discipline. Gymnasts cannot afford to do so, as every event hinges on this developed ability. Those athletes who do recognize the benefits of a flexible body are less prone to common and serious injuries alike and can have a true competitive edge as well.

Spacial Awareness

Gymnastics teaches the fundamentals of spatial awareness that apply to all sports, especially skateboarding, snowboarding, parkour, and others that have grown in popularity over recent decades. Being aware of how your body is moving and where it is in relation to the ground is critical, and it is the key to preventing serious injuries.


Gymnastics skills across all the women’s and men’s events not only number in the thousands. Because of this vast and ever evolving variety of skills in gymnastics, the sport’s techniques are found and borrowed more and more across countless professional and amateur athletics worldwide.


One common thread between the vast number of different gymnastics skills is that they all require an acute attention to form and balance in every aspect. Proper execution is not only essential to scoring high but even more so in remaining safe during the learning process.