Gym Policies

It is our desire to provide a safe environment for all of our our athletes, as well as one that is optimal for their training and instruction. The following rules and regulations are in place to help ensure that class instruction at OlympicaGymnastics Academy meets these objectives.

Secondary Insurance Fee

Our $40 secondary insurance fee is due upon initial registration and on the anniversary date each year. This fee subsidizes secondary accidental insurance coverage for students in the program, which would supplement a student’s own medical insurance coverage, in the unlikely event an injury were to occur. ┬áThis secondary insurance coverage is required of all students, regardless of age, skill level or program.

Make-Up Policy

Our make-up policy and procedure was developed to ensure the smooth operation of our program here at OlympicaGymnastics Academy. Make-up lessons are a courtesy OGA offers to help with busy schedules, and in order to continue to make them available this policy must be closely followed. Please do your best to be at each scheduled class, as make-ups make teaching consistency and student/teacher rapport difficult.

As a courtesy to our coaches and students, we ask that you notify us of your child’s impending absence to be eligible for a make-up lesson. We require that all afternoon and evening customers notify us at least six (6) hours in advance of their child’s absence.

This policy will allow us the time to schedule make-ups in those vacated spots. We would also ask that, if possible, you notify us even sooner of the impending absences so that we have even more time to schedule other customers’ make-ups.

Make-up lessons must be scheduled within 30 days following the missed lesson.

Make-up lessons may not be rescheduled once they are booked.

In addition to helping make our ‘make-up classes’ more available, our hope is that this policy will also serve to discourage frivolous absences from regular classes. Make-up classes are not as effective as attendance at regularly scheduled classes. Continuity is lost and learning usually suffers. Uninterrupted attendance in class promotes learning and should be encouraged.

All make-up lessons are forfeited when you drop from our program.

Drop Policy

In order to keep our student to teacher ratios optimal and our accounting accurate for everyone at OGA, we request 2 weeks notification if you plan to withdraw from the program.

Remember, your registration is good for a full year from the date you paid it, so if you decide to come back within that time it is still good!

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