The short answer is YES.
Is your gymnast showing some interest in competing, but you’re wondering if it’s really for her?
Our accelerated G.Y.M. Team program, which stands for Gymnastics Youth in Motion, is a fantastic way for her to experience gymnastics in a new way. G.Y.M. Team provides the thrill of competition without the intensity, and also the value of hard work and teamwork without the more serious time commitment that gymnasts and parents need to make in order to participate in our Junior Olympic program.
Our G.Y.M. Teams compete in scheduled meets at in HB at SCATS Gymnastics each season, with other teams from Olympica, SCATS, and various local Orange County gymnastics clubs.
We emphasize the goal of achieving together as a team to the best of its collective ability. It’s truly a win-win for young gymnasts over the age of 7 looking to expand their horizons in the sport and try something new!
Come to any of our G.Y.M. Team competitions this season up at SCATS to see what it’s all about— admission is free! Our first meet is on October 4th & 5th, followed by another that month on the 26th & 27th, and also one on November 9th & 10th. Please see your daughter’s coach or a supervisor on the floor regarding more information on the GYM Team program!